Are rioting football fans at Penn State similar to the protesters down at Occupy Wall Street? Brad Benson, a former Penn State offensive lineman who went on to win a Super Bowl with the Giants, thinks so! Talking to ESPN about former players response to the Jerry Sandusky sex scandal, Benson—who now sells cars in New Jersey—said he "equates" the two groups.

"There are people right now that are supporting Joe [Paterno]. They are rioting and doing things they shouldn't be doing," he said. "I equate these students that are rioting to the occupiers on New York City right now. They're not mature enough to understand why they're rioting. They weren't there when this happened. What are they protesting? They're protesting that someone with a tremendous responsibility failed to fulfill his moral responsibility, and other people failed as well."

Regarding the MO for the rioters, he doesn't seem to be wrong, but we aren't quite clear how that equates to what is going on at Zuccotti Park. Because those OWS protesters certainly aren't sleeping in the cold to protest the firing of a pederast protector and we haven't heard about them flipping over any news vans. When we reached out to Benson for clarification we were directed by his employees to a general voicemail. We'll let you know if we hear back!

And in the meantime? Benson's JibJab ads are something to behold: