The case against David "DJ" Johnson—former Governor Paterson's longtime aide until a domestic abuse cover-up scandal nearly forced his boss out of office—ended today when DJ pleaded guilty to second-degree harassment. In court he explained to the judge that he and ex-girlfriend Sherr-una Booker had "got into an argument ... it got loud. We were both upset and I shoved her with the intent to harm her. I realize my conduct was inappropriate and I deeply regret my actions."

Johnson's description is a touch more palatable than Booker's previous accounts of the incident when she told the Times that "Johnson confronted her in their bedroom, choked her, tore her Halloween costume off, pushed her into the dresser and then continued to choke her with one hand."

The plea carries no jail time and, if Johnson stays out of trouble, the misdemeanor will be stricken from Johnson's record in a year (but not from the Internets). The former aide's lawyer seemed very happy about the news, telling the Post that "After 18 months of scrutiny, four investigations and the loss of his career, it ended the way we said it would—as a violation, not a crime."

After the plea Johnson, whose barely spoken to the press since the Times first broke the story of the assault, even spoke to the paper to say that "I'm happy its actually over and that I have family and friends with me and my faith in God that this would come to an end."

We wonder if he's still interested in going back into public service?