Rudy Giuliani's good friend and current convict, former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik, may be headed home today after spending four years in prison. NBC New York got the scoop—from the husband of a Bravo reality star who happens to be catering Kerik's welcome home party.

Albert Manzo, who operates Brownstone catering, said that Kerik "put a request in for some food that he's been missing for a few years. He loves our short ribs, shrimp scampi -- a lot of things he doesn't have access to there." [Manzo, besides being married to Caroline Manzo, one of the stars of the Real Houswives of New Jersey, is son of father, Albert "Tiny" Manzo, who was killed in a mob hit. "Tiny" was found shot four times, naked and bound in a car trunk.]

Kerik, who was also the former head of NYC's Department of Corrections, led the NYPD during the end of Rudy Giuliani's mayoralty, but his profile was elevated due to the September 11, 2001 attacks and President George W. Bush even nominated him to be the head of Homeland Security. Then it turned out that Kerik lied to the feds, committed tax fraud and took gifts (a $250,000 renovation). Prosecutors showed how he once complained in a 1999 letter, "I can't go to the Carribean [sic] or Florida on a three day stint just because my dick gets hard or because I need a rest. I can't go out an buy a motorcycle or a car, or a Rolex watch at the drop of a dime, like I've watched you do." He was sentenced to 33 months and has made some trips to the outside in shackles for some testimony.

According to NBC New York, "Kerik is expected to ride back from Maryland with friends, leaving at about 9 a.m. and likely arriving in New Jersey in the afternoon, according to sources familiar with his plans." Manzo added, "I can only speculate. But I'd say there's two or three books out there. I'd be looking for a TV movie."