Last year, Dominic Carter was sentenced to 30 days in jail for "punching, choking and kicking" his wife at their Rockland County home. While he was released early, now, an appellate court has overturned the conviction finding, the NY Law Journal reports, "a town justice improperly permitted the prosecution to revoke a deal that would have allowed Mr. Carter to avoid jail time."

Ramapo Town Justice Arnold P. Etelson had agreed to the deal during Carter's arraignment, if Carter stayed out of trouble. But then the deal never happened and Etelson found him guilty of assault, noting a number of domestic abuse complaints against Carter. After hearing the Appellate Term's decision to overturn the conviction, the Rockland County DA vowed to appeal, pointing out the decision only faulted the procedures, not the merits of the case.

Carter, who lost his NY1 job after this incident, has since reconciled with his wife. In fact, at his sentencing, his wife pleaded for leniency, noting, "he has been punished enough… His career is gone, our livelihood is gone." Carter's lawyer told the Daily News, "I'm confident the Appellate Term decision will stand because it's the right decision."