Oh, Rob Morrison. The former WCBS 2 anchor has been out of work for the past few months, after he was charged with felony strangulation of his wife. Besides drinking up, he's been reportedly planning his comeback but it looks like he's taking a detour to call reporters to bitch and moan about coverage. Morrison contacted Darien Times reporter David DesRoches, telling him, “Your sources suck in the Stamford Court, and the Darien Times — I know this is big time for ya, OK, but your sources suck, brother."

When DesRoches asked what he meant, Morrison said, "The clerk is your source? [The state’s attorney] you fu***** idiot,” he said. “F*** the clerk."

Morrison was arrested in February for allegedly choking Ashley Morrison, a CBS Marketwatch reporter, in their Darien, Connecticut home. While the couple issued a statement that the situation had been "greatly exaggerated," the Darien police found Ashley Morrison with red marks around her neck and said that Rob Morrison indicated he would "kill" his wife if they let him out. When the couple lived in NYC, the NYPD had been called to their apartment numerous times about domestic incidents (Rob Morrison was arrested once and Ashley Morrison's mother also said that her son-in-law was abusive.

What prompted Morrison's call to the Darien Times was its story about how he can't operate a car with his young son in it and how he "can email, text message or call her. He cannot, however, initiate more than one call per day, according to the judge’s decision." Morrison told DesRoches, "You know every time you call my fu***** attorney, it costs me a thousand dollars?"

In the Darien Times article, it notes, "The Times invited Morrison for an interview, then informed Morrison that the conversation was all on the record, at which point Morrison hung up." We'll update this post later after we call Morrison's attorney a couple dozen times!