With NYC club girl Cori Rist named as one of Tiger Woods' (many) flames, the Post reports that Rist's ex-husband "will use the scandal as proof she's unfit to raise their 7-year-old son. Neil Santos added, "She's put me through hell. And she's continuing to put me through hell."

The paper calls Rist a "busty blonde...identified last weekend as one of 10 -- or even more -- women whom Woods bedded during his marriage to Swedish stunner Elin Nordegren. Rist, a low-level model and nightclub denizen from Ohio, allegedly began sleeping with Woods after she and Santos permanently split in 2008." Santos also reveals, "We have a lot of mutual friends who say, 'I've seen her out with Tiger Woods'" and claims, "I have wire transfers [of money] from Tiger to Cori."

The Daily News weighs in with their Rist information: A hedge fund manager admits to wiring her $100,000. Why? The married father of three says, "she wasn't able to support herself... She is a friend and that is it... I did it for her son as much as anybody because he was having a hard time with her divorce.. She was unemployed for a long period of time. She wasn't able to support herself and I agreed to help her." Apparently Rist told him she worked on Wall Street, but the News says she actually worked as a dancer at the Penthouse Executive club, where she's described as being "sweet."

In other, ongoing Tiger Woods news: The woman who was taken from his Florida home and to the hospital earlier this morning was in fact his mother-in-law, Barbro Holmberg (she may have had food poisoning); Woods' wife Elin Nordegren may have moved out of their home (to another one that Woods owns in the area) and apparently purchased a mansion in Sweden; cops thought that Woods might have been drinking—and been on medication—when his fateful crash occurred; and pundits, from the right and left, are debating Tiger Woods' type.