Beautiful models don't get no respect. Former bikini model Irina Krupnik has lost a $10 million lawsuit against NBC Universal, the makers of Couples Retreat. In the suit she claimed she never intended for a photo of her dressed in a skimpy bikini to be used to help a middle-aged man with a "prominent belly" (Jon Favreau) pleasure himself on the silver screen.

Despite her disgust over her shot being juxtaposed against the "tawdry and shocking" scene, Manhattan Supreme Court Judge O. Peter Sherwood ruled that she signed away the rights to the photo at the time of the suit, and knew that it could be used for even the most degrading commercial purposes. Her lawyer told the Daily News they were disappointed with the verdict, saying, "The photo is held up by Jon Favreau's character and is used as an aid in masturbation. Ms. Krupnik did not sign up for that." Good thing she specified that it was the on-screen part she was worried about, because sorry, toots, we're pretty sure the "aid in masturbation" part is what most of your professional photos are being used for.