A couple whose romance went sour took to the court for a custody battle of miniature proportions, arguing over who owns their two-year-old Maltese, named Bubkas.

Adam Le Conte and Kyungmi Lee received the dog as a gift from Le Conte's parents in 2009. When they broke up a year later, Lee took care of the pup for about two months while Le Conte traveled and “sought a suitable home for himself and Bubkas,” according to the papers. But when Le Conte returned, Lee didn't want to give Bubkas up, objecting to Le Conte's decision to sometimes crate the dog. Le Conte promptly sued Lee for the return of the dog, saying that he "never surrendered, conveyed, or abandoned the dog.”

A judge ruled that Bubkas wasn't in any danger from the crate, and therefore, Le Conte was “entitled to the return of his canine companion.” He did also add that “While there is no legal obligation to do so," he hopes the ex-couple can work out a compromise so they can both see the dog.

This isn't the first time a four-legged friend has been at the center of a romance gone awry: earlier this year, a goldendoodle named Lucy was at the center of an ugly Brooklyn divorce battle. Maybe all those dog-less exes should look in to adopting the Brooklyn wolf-dog as a replacement pet instead?