Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert brought up President Obama's re-election while talking to the Jewish Federation of New York and found it the perfect opportunity to blast current prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's support of Republican candidate Mitt Romney. Olmert said, "Obama was a friend of Israel before he was elected and will remain so now... After what Netanyahu has done in the past few months - it needs to be asked whether the prime minister has a friend in the White House? I'm not sure."

Olmert, who was found guilty of one charge of corruption (not guilty on two others) and is possibly seeking to head back into higher office, also criticized how Netanyahu was happy to support Romney at the urging of Las Vegas casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, "That same billionaire used the prime minister to promote his own presidential candidate. This is a serious violation of the basic bilateral rules, especially when it comes to allies such as Israel and the US."
The NY Times' Lede blog adds, "Several observers detected more than a little awkwardness in video of Mr. Netanyahu with the American ambassador to Israel, Daniel Shapiro, on Wednesday, in which he seemed to force a smile as he said, 'I want to congratulate President Obama on his re-election.'"

(Interestingly, Israeli military and intelligence seem to support Obama's stance on Iran, versus Netanyahu's).

Adelson spent $70 million to support Romney—and another $30 million on other PACs. According to Politico, his two big issues are "the security and prosperity of Israel, and opposition to unions, including the so-called card-check proposal that would make it easier for workers to organize."

He reportedly told Romney, "I want to tell you something: I’m not looking for an ambassadorship. I’m not looking for anything, except if I’m fortunate enough to be invited to another [White House] Hanukkah party, I want two potato pancakes, because last time I was there, they ran out of them." Anyway, Adelson won't be getting White House latkes any time soon.

U.S. Ambassador to Israel Daniel Shapiro said today, "The relationship between the president and the prime minister is a good relationship... They work very well together. They meet frequently. They met nine or 10 times. They spoke on the phone regularly. Their teams work extremely well together. I know that President Obama looks forward to an opportunity to visit Israel."