An erstwhile guidance counselor at a Queens school is suing the Department of Education over claims that two teachers she worked with left urine and feces in her office, all because she reported that they were having sex in there. We know nobody likes a tattletale, but this is pretty, pretty shitty behavior if true.

Deborah Berger, 65, who worked at PS 9 in Maspeth, says she complained to her school's principal in 2010, after she allegedly discovered that two co-workers with whom she shared an office were carrying on an affair inside of it. "She had to approach them in their offices on work issues from time to time. When she did, the windows were blocked with a towel and their doors were locked,” her attorney told the Daily News. "They told her they were having a conference."

Unfortunately, according to the suit, the principal told the couple that Berger ratted them out, and so they allegedly embarked upon a campaign of destruction. The duo allegedly stole her personal photos, dumped dirt on her desk, left feces on her desk chair and threw urine around her office. Berger also claims that they slashed her tires in 2013, after she reported that incident; Berger says she was ultimately forced to take an unpaid leave of absence.

Berger is suing for a unspecified monetary amount. She also wants to get her job back, though presumably with a feces-free office.