Not satisfied with the $150 paid to him by the New York Times for his scathing editorial/resignation letter, former Goldman Sachs employee Greg Smith is reportedly shopping a memoir to "prominent" publishing houses in New York. According to the Times' sources, Smith pitched his book "as a coming-of-age story, the tale of someone who came into the business with good intentions and sky-high ideals that were ultimately pierced by Goldman’s obsessive focus on making money." We're looking forward to the accompanying children's book, "Go The F*ck To The Trading Floor & Make Us Some F*cking Money."

"He appears to be a guy with integrity," a publishing executive said, which may or may not matter given that Goldman farts the amount of money needed to bury an author and his publisher in lawsuits several times a day. And another executive added that the book may feel "dated," as "It's a story that had its moment."

Still, it will be tough for publishers to resist Smith's spilling of what he called the firm's "secret sauce" given how famously tight-lipped the company is. And besides, if Salman Rushdie made it out alive (so far), Smith could conceivably ride out a Wall Street fatwa.