tubdrain.jpgThe ex-girlfriend of a 49-year-old Bronx woman is suspected of murdering her former lesbian companion after the victim was found stabbed to death in her bathtub. Cecelia Rodriguez had recently been kicked out of the pair's Bronx apartment after the breakup, but reportedly was distraught when she heard the news of Olga Rodriguez's death. The landlord who discovered Rodriguez's body was skeptical of the histrionics. "She was acting-crying. The crying was not real. "[The victim] was always complaining about her."

The landlord, Michael Evans, was the one who discovered the tenant's body, or more precisely entered her apartment and called the police when he found blood smeared on one of its walls. A responding officer informed him that the scene was not something he would want to see.

An acquaintance said that the victim and Cecelia Rodriguez had been together for four years before splitting, but the separation was amicable. Earlier this week, an ex-girlfriend is suspected in dousing her ex-boyfriend with cleaning fluid and lighting him on fire, which touched off a deadly two-alarm blaze that killed four people. And a Manhattan woman was found murdered in her bathtub, apparently by her boyfriend who friends and family say she was breaking up with; the boyfriend confessed in a letter and later killed himself.