Police have arrested an ex-girlfriend of a 53-year-old man found brutally stabbed to death on the bathroom floor in his Lefferts Gardens apartment yesterday. The body of Melvin Vargas was found by his building superintendent and his brother Thursday morning. "When they opened the door, we saw everything broken and there was blood on the wall," Sal Vargas told CBS.

Police quickly arrested Esmerilda Morales, who Vargas reportedly broke up with last year, and charged her with murder and criminal possession of a weapon. NYPD says that she can be seen leaving Vargas' building with a box Wednesday night, shortly after he is thought to have been killed. Police have not given a motive for the murder, but witnesses say that an air conditioner "along with several other items from the apartment" had been pushed from the apartment's window "as if there was a fierce struggle."

Friends and family are understandably in shock, "Everybody loved this guy. He was the heart of the family," nephew Vinny Ortiz said. Reportedly when Vargas' mother was told the news she collapsed in grief and had to be hospitalized. She is said to now be doing much better.