Ex-Giant Lawrence Taylor's night with a 16-year-old in May 2010 continues to haunt him. After pleading guilty to two misdemeanor counts of sexual misconduct and patronizing a prostitute so as to avoid jail time the Hall of Fame linebacker was classified as a Level 1 Sex Offender and sentenced to six years probation. Now the young woman he had sex with is suing him in federal court for compensatory and punitive damages to be determined.

"I feel as though he should be accountable for his crimes and misconduct toward me," Cristina Fierro, now 18, said at a news conference Monday with her lawyer Gloria Allred (no stranger to sex-related press conferences). Allred said at the conference that "she believed this was the first time the federal Trafficking Victims Protection Act had been used to sue a buyer of commercial sex."

But Taylor, who now lives in Florida, isn't taking this latest attack on his ruined reputation slide without a fight. His lawyer took to the press today to defend his client, mostly focusing on the Fierro's lawyer. "It’s a shame that, once again, Gloria Allred’s intoxication with media coverage for her cases has blurred her vision to uphold the highest level of ethical and moral standards to which attorneys are supposed to adhere," lawyer Arthur Aidala said. "Today she continues her disgraceful behavior of re-victimizing her clients in order to bolster her own visibility." Aidala also made a point of the fact that Allred's client has purposely outed herself to the public, which many victims of such crimes shy away from doing.

"Mr. Taylor and his legal team have never disparaged Ms. Fierro in any way. Now, in defending himself, Mr. Taylor and other independent witnesses will have to reveal the rather disparaging truth about Ms. Fierro and the facts about the evening in question," Aidala continues. "Ms. Allred’s complaint reads like a fairytale of what she would like the facts to be as opposed to the truth."

Want to read Allred's so-called "fairytale" of unprotected sexual assault, "visible facial injuries" (caused by the girl's pimp before the sex), distressed calls to 911, and sexual trafficking across state lines? Well, you can check it out right here.