Former Giants great Lawrence Taylor is free on $75,000 bond after being accused of paying $300 to pay to have sex with a 16-year-old teen from the Bronx who had runaway from home. Taylor's lawyer Arthur Aidala said, "Lawrence Taylor didn't have consensual sex with anyone last night. He didn't have sex with anyone. Mr. Taylor is going to fight each and every one of these charges."

Taylor was arrested at a Holiday Inn in Suffern, NY. Apparently the teen, who was reported missing in March (she was 15 then), was punched by her pimp, Rasheed Davis, and forced to have sex with the 51-year-old Hall of Famer. Ramapo, NY authorities say that after the alleged rape, "She was able to text her uncle. Her uncle, having not heard from her in a period of time, was able give a location where she thought she would be delivered back to New York City." Davis was arrested and the police questioned the teen, who then led them to Taylor's room at the hotel. Rampao Town Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence said, "We knocked and announced our presence as police. He didn't answer. We were able to open the door and went in and located him."

Aidala claimed that his client, who has been in trouble before, was set up, "As with every celebrity, Mr. Taylor is a target. Lawrence Taylor did not rape anybody, am I clear? We're going to fight it as hard as he fought when he was a linebacker for the New York Giants." A Daily News source claims Taylor told the police that he had no idea the girl was underage; St. Lawrence said, "We have a victim who is 16 years old who has alleged that they had sex. She is not allowed under New York laws to have consensual sex. She is traumatized. She’s a very young girl."

Originally Taylor's defense lawyer was former Rockland County prosecutor Kenneth Gribetz, but the News pats itself on the back for reminding everyone: "Back in 1995, The News exposed the married Gribetz's torrid affair with a local woman who claimed he used county money to fund their trysts. She recounted how Gribetz would leave her voice messages referring to her as his 'doll' - and calling himself a 'bad girl.'"

Steve Serby, who co-wrote Taylor's memoir, writes in the Post, "For the last dozen years, Lawrence Taylor has kicked his drug addiction, one day at a time. If he is found guilty of third-degree rape of a 16-year-old runaway yesterday in upstate Suffern, then we will have no choice but to come to the sad realization that he hasn't kicked his sex and trouble addictions," and recalled what Taylor's first wife said, "To his mother, he was Lonnie. The Lawrence Taylor side, the one I fell in love with, was sweet and caring. Then there was the LT side that New York made. LT was a maniac. There's no other word for it. I used to say to him, 'I'm not a fan of yours. I'm your wife.' "