After talking to the victim of the "skank blogger" last week, the Post's Andrea Peyser features a different kind of New York woman in her column today: The second ex-wife of City Comptroller—and mayoral candidate—Bill Thompson. Sylvia Kinard-Thompson, who married Thompson in 1999, says their relationship started to go south in 2002, when he was elected Comptroller, "I wasn't sure if he was going through a midlife crisis, stress of a new job. I was willing to work on it. You hit a bump in the road, you don't just bail out... [But by 2004,] he was starting to stay out. He was on trips longer than he should have... I asked him if he was having an affair. He never acknowledged that he was; he never acknowledged that he wasn't."

Kinard-Thompson says he told her he wanted to date other women (turning down her suggestion of marital therapy) and informed her that he wanted a divorce by asking her to meet him at his lawyer's office—the same lawyer who said, during divorce proceedings, that Thompson wasn't too smart. Additionally, "As the couple hit divorce court in 2006, Bill moved his first wife, Angela Jeter, into the house in which Sylvia still lived, creating what one friend described as a bizarre 'Three's Company' situation. Angela, who was ill at the time, lived in an apartment upstairs, she said." Kinard-Thompson also pointed out that Thompson invited his future third wife, Elsie McCabe-Thompson, to their wedding, "She was always hovering. She was always around."

Thompson denied most of his ex's version of events (though admitted the "Three's Company" part was true), but Kinard-Thompson showed Peyser the signature of an "Elsie McCabe" in her wedding guest book: "This is why the divorce was pressed so much. There was another agenda growing." As for her ex-husband's mayoral chances, "He's done a lot of good things but there are some issues in his personal life that any that any casual eye would say—he has problems there. That's one of his weak areas."