Former NYC Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith is an adjunct professor at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs and was slated to teach a course this fall. But it seems that the publicity over his July domestic violence arrest in D.C.—he spent two nights in jail and his wife decided not to press charges—has made him rethink higher education: At the last-minute, he decided not to teach the class.

Goldsmith's spokeswoman said, "He chose not to teach because he felt it wasn’t the right time." The way it wasn't the right time to announce that he was resigning from the Bloomberg administration because his wife called the cops on him? (For her part, Margaret Goldsmith says she regrets calling the police and claims that he's never been violent toward her.) Mayor Bloomberg has explained that the official press release explaining that Goldsmith was leaving to pursue other job opportunities was to treat Goldsmith and his family with some decency, though Bloomberg critics point out that if a city official was arrested in NYC, the Department of Investigation would have been informed immediately.