The former president of a Cornell University fraternity who was banned from campus after being charged with attempted rape, sexual assault and sex abuse has taken a plea deal. Wolfgang Ballinger, 22, pleaded guilty to forcible touching, a misdemeanor.

In January 2016, Ballinger was accused of bringing a student into his room at the Psi Upsilon house and allegedly forced her to have oral sex with him, sexually abused her with his hands, and attempted to have forcible sexual intercourse with the victim.

Ballinger pleaded not guilty to the felony charges and also filed a civil suit against Cornell, claiming the university didn't give him a fair hearing during its investigation.

According to the Cornell Daily Sun, prosecutors announced the plea deal:

Deputy District Attorney Andrew Bonavia said in Tompkins County Court on Tuesday that the plea deal was offered after consultation with the alleged victim and includes a three-year order of protection.

“This is an agreement that comes not only with the consultation of the complainant in this case but at the request of the complainant … including plea sentencing,” Bonavia said. “We will not be recommending under any circumstances that the defendant be incarcerated.”

District Attorney Matthew Van Houten said the attorneys in his office have spent a lot of time with the victim and her family and have consulted with them at every step of the legal process.

“The victim believes that this is justice,” Van Houten said of the plea agreement. “That’s my job as the district attorney, is to make sure that the results of a criminal case produces justice. The person that is most important to me to determining that is the victim. She is wholeheartedly in support of this resolution."

Ballinger could face up to a year in prison, but the Cornell Daily Sun reports that jail time is "unlikely." He is expected to be on probation for six years.

Last fall, NYU Local reported that Ballinger was enrolled at New York University, with a source saying he was taking online classes.