An ex-NYPD officer was sentenced to nine years in prison yesterday, after he was convicted of plugging a random civilian car with 14 rounds of bullets while off-duty and drunk in 2014.

Last year, former cop Brendan Cronin pleaded guilty to attempted murder, assault, and driving under the influence in connection with the April 2014 incident in Pelham, Westchester. Cronin admitted he pulled up to a random car at a stop light, got out of his vehicle and fired at random at another car. He also told investigators he drank 10 drinks at a City Island bar, and had spent his pre-drinking time training at a police shooting range.

Cronin's victims, Joseph Felice and Robert Borrelli, were on their way home to New Rochelle after a recreational hockey game when Cronin randomly shot at their car. Though the bullets missed Borrelli, Felice was hit six times, and still has a bullet lodged in his chest. In his victim-impact statement, he described "doctors and nurses scrambling frantically to save my life ... urgently yelling out instructions to move quickly. ... Hearing the gurgling of my blood filling up my lungs and stifling my breath," according to the Associated Press.

Felice has a young child, and he told the court the boy was traumatized when he finally saw his father after months in a rehabilitation center. "He stayed glued to my wife's leg," Felice said. "My heart sank. He was afraid of me, his daddy." Cronin, who claims he doesn't remember anything from that night, told the victims he was "truly sorry," and "will continue to pray for forgiveness and mercy."