In June, disgraced community affairs cop Wilfredo Rosario was convicted of sexually assaulting two immigrant mothers whom he'd offered to "help" with after-school program paperwork for their kids. But Rosario was defiant to the end at his sentencing yesterday, telling the judge, "I never once tarnished my shield. The truth will come out." To which Judge Daniel FitzGerald replied, "Mr. Rosario, the truth did come out. You've stained the reputation of every decent, hardworking police officer on the force. You've made every officer's job that much more difficult by driving a wedge of mistrust between him and every citizen he needs to deal with."

Previously, Rosario was also found guilty of telling a teenager that if she performed oral sex on him he'd destroy a summons for trespassing in Riverside Park. His sentence of five years in prison covers that offense, but a fourth charge of rape, dating back to 2003, was dismissed because that alleged victim won't cooperate prosecutors, according to assistant D.A. Artie McConnell, who described Rosario yesterday as "a selfish, narcissistic predator."