Last week, a retired NYPD cop was arrested for taking the Orangetown Superintendent hostage while wielding a gun. According to the Mid-Hudson News, Peter Cocker, 36, had "forced his way into Mitchell’s office. During a violent struggle, Mitchell wrestled the gun away and held cocker down on the floor." Apparently Cocker was upset by Mitchell's letter about the school's swine flu policy, which explained that though there were growing absences, the school would remain open per the county Health Department's advice. It later turned out that Cocker's gun was unloaded, but the district attorney said, "The assumption was that it was loaded, which could have led to a lot of injuries. ... So the seriousness is the same and the law treats it almost the same." Cocker pleaded not guilty to kidnapping, burglary, coercion and gun crimes; his lawyer said that his client has post-traumatic stress disorder, due to being involved in a shootout and spending a week "separating body parts" after the September 11 attacks.