You'd think a former cop would know better than to steal from his place of business, but then again if they lost their police job for using illegally obtained steroids...maybe not? Everyone say hello to Manuel DaSilva, 42, the former officer in question who police now say stole $76,000 worth of iPods, iPads and iPhones from the SoHo Apple Store where he has been working security.

According to prosecutors, DaSilva was caught on camera taking loads of electronics out of the store's back door. “I sold each item for around $500,” the Staten Islander told investigators, according to a criminal complaint. “I kept some of the cash proceeds in my safe and I used the rest to pay my bills.”

DaSilva, who claims he only stole 17 gadgets (cops say it was more than 100), was arrested on Tuesday after being spotted red-handed on camera at least six times between April and June 8. He was released of his own recognizance.