From the twisted bowels of the social media-verse comes this wacky tale of intrigue: A female former police officer has accused a married Brooklyn NYPD chief of sleeping with his subordinates, including herself, and "chasing pregnant married girls around the department" in a series of social media posts. But a naysayer says she's been stalking him, and the allegations are false.

Tabatha Foster, 40, says NYPD Patrol Borough Brooklyn North chief Jeffrey Maddrey, 45, behaved inappropriately with a number of female officers—according to tabloid reports, she posted a photo of the two of them on Facebook with the caption, “I appreciate you allowing me to sit on your face. That’s all it’s good for," and claimed he doggedly pursued her. "When I was in the hospital. This fool had the audacity to come for Azz while I had iv in my arm,” she posted. “He is so greedy for Azz. I had to literally get out my hospital bed and go into bathroom to this greedy ass man some ass.”

Foster, who left the force on disability at three-quarters pay and posted a rap video to YouTube in 2013 that she claimed led the NYPD to prosecute her (this claim is unsubstantiated), also accused Maddrey of having multiple affairs and said he "loves pregnant girls." “Somebody needs to stop chasing pregnant married girls around the department,” she wrote on Facebook. “What is wrong with this guy?”

Still, the Daily News reports that Foster has "been stalking and harassing him for about two years," according to an unnamed source. "She would send him naked pictures of herself and beg him to have sex. She would try to talk to him every day and ask him for his help,” the source told the tabloid. He or she provided text messages that were allegedly between Foster and Maddrey, in which Foster repeatedly harassed him and threatened him—Maddrey allegedly told her, "I feel unsafe," and then tried to ignore her. “She became too clingy; she is just promoting lies to harass people,” the source told the News.

Foster, who has deleted her Facebook, also claimed in a post that, “Somebody got my ex-husband fired and f----- up my child support." It's unclear whether she's referring to Maddrey.

A spokesman with the NYPD says the department is reviewing Foster's allegations. Coworkers voiced their support for Maddrey. “It looks bad on paper, but we’re not the moral police,” a police source told the Post. “He has an ingenious mind when it comes to tactics and he’s a great motivator for his police officers in Brooklyn North. On the face of this, this shouldn’t have any impact on his great career.”