The body of a 17-year-old high school student was found in the closet of a Bronx apartment, and it's believed that Luzbenet Ramirez was stabbed to death by her friend's jealous boyfriend. Jose Mendez, who was recently released from jail for beating his girlfriend Rosanna Castro, allegedly confessed to the killing, because he thought Ramirez was involved with Castro.

Ramirez, who was staying with Castro because of a recent fight with her mother, was stabbed multiple times, and police say Mendez wrapped her in plastic and shoved her body into a closet. Castro apparently found the body on Tuesday; her friend and neighbor Renee Mosher told NY1 that Castro brought her to the closet, "She told me to come with her to the bag, and it looked like [the body]. It was plastic, but you could see the back, because the back didn't have plastic. And she ran out and left me in there. It stank so bad, like it was decomposing."

Ramirez was described as a good student; one woman said, "She wasn't the type to hang out on the street or do nothing bad or somebody have to look for her or hurt her. She wasn't that type of person she was a very good kid." Her 14-year-old brother spoke the Daily News, "My dad just died five months ago and now it's just me and my mom."