The former manager of Columbia University's Pediatric Neurosciences Department of the Neurological Institute claims that he stole $180,000 from the school because his supervisor had been sexually abusing him. John Bzdil III, who pleaded guilty to wire fraud, spent $25,000 on his Poconos wedding and thousands on spa products; the Daily News reports, "Charges against Bzdil's estranged wife, Heather Brooke Rinehart, were dropped by prosecutors after Bzdil claimed she had nothing to do with the purchase of Bliss items like Mammoth Minty Scrub and Lovehandler." Bdzill, who faces 21-27 months in prison, told a judge, "Columbia was turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to the fact that I was being sexually abused by [the boss]. Subconsciously, I was trying to make them pay attention to my situation and protect me from [him]. I felt deep shame for what he was doing to me and my inability to make him stop." However, his old boss, Cesar Rodriguez, who used to be financial director in the department, denied the accusations and told the Post, "When you are desperate, you'll do whatever you have to."