The first City Council member to resign as a result of a slush fund scandal wasted no time settling matters with the US Attorney's office. Today former Councilman Miguel Martinez pleaded guilty to money laundering and mail fraud, stealing in total over $100,000 intended for non-profit groups. In court today, Martinez said, "I received the money as a direct result of the conspiracy. I engaged in this scheme as a New York City Council member. I was able to engage in these schemes because I was a New York City councilman." Martinez copped a plea deal with prosecutors who recommended he be sentenced to around 4 to 6 years for charges that usually warrant up to 20, but the federal judge today noted that the court did not have to comply with that advice. The Times says Martinez had a "once-promising political career" while representing Washington Heights and Inwood, a seat that NY1 says will not have a special election because it would fall too close to September primaries.