Police have charged the ex-boyfriend of the pizzeria worker shot dead outside Brooklyn Bridge Park on Monday with assault, stalking, and trespassing in relation to an alleged attack on her the day before. Lamont Wright, 53, is being held on Rikers Island as police continue to investigate the Monday night slaying of Michelle Marks, 23, after she got off work at the restaurant Fornino inside the privately run park.

Marks was on the phone with her current boyfriend as she walked near the park, and told him that "the guy" was there with a gun. Sam Hall, Marks's boyfriend, said he alerted her mother and called 911 while on the line with Marks, and heard her say to someone, "I don't want to talk," just before the shot to the head that would claim her life.

Marks's mother, Pauline Marks, told the Daily News that she first met Wright the day before the murder, when he hit her daughter at their Albany Houses apartment in Crown Heights.

"I just met him Sunday for the first time," she told the tabloid. "I heard Michelle yell 'Mom!' from outside, and I opened the door and saw she had fallen against the wall. He had hit her. She came inside and he just stood there. I asked him why he hit my daughter. And he just stood there and looked at me like 'I'm gonna hit you.'"

He was standing expressionless in the doorway, according to Pauline's description.

"I don't know if it was drugs or what, but something was wrong. He didn't run or anything. Just stood there staring. No remorse...no smile...nothing."

Pauline Marks told Pix11 that her daughter had taken off work on Tuesday to file for a protective order against Wright.

The New York Post reported that Wright allegedly jumped out of the bushes and tried to strike up a conversation with Marks as she left work with a colleague on June 2nd, four days before the killing. The tabloid wrote that there were no witnesses to the fatal shooting and cops are still seeking the murder weapon.

Wright is being held on $10,000 bail for the assault and stalking charges.