The Queens man who was found guilty of raping his ex-girlfriend and subsequently framing her for armed robbery—which caused her to lose her business and be jailed for months—has been sentenced to 32 years in jail. Supreme Court Justice Richard Buchter tore into Jerry Ramrattan when he tried to plead for mercy earlier today; Ramrattan maintained his innocence, while touting his work stopping crimes as a police informant. "The defendant is an architect of his own ruin. He deserves no mercy from me and he won't get any," Buchter said, calling him a “diabolical conniver who shamelessly exploited the criminal justice system.”

The whole mess started in September 2009, after Ramrattan and Seema Sumasar had already broken up, and Sumasar had filed sex attack charges against Ramrattan. Desperate to make the charges go away, he was accused of hiring two men to say they'd been pulled over in remote locations of Nassau County by Sumasar posing as a cop in a bulletproof vest; they then said she robbed them at gunpoint. Sumasar was arrested, and spent seven months in jail; the Richmond Hill bakeshop she started went under, her home went into foreclosure, and she was separated from her 12-year-old daughter.

But police didn't look into the fact Sumasar had an alibi during at least one so-called robbery—and Buchter said it was ridiculous cops thought a 5-foot-2 former Wall Street analyst could have held people up at gunpoint: “The police were duped by liars by whom they had a right to be suspicious, and as a result a rape victim was framed by her rapist,” the judge said. “She was victimized by the rapist and then again by the criminal justice system.”

Prosecutors had argued that Ramrattan, who loved CSI and Law And Order, drew from his knowledge of police procedure (gleaned from his time as an informer for law enforcement), and accomplished "one of the most elaborate framing plots that they had ever seen." Sumasar took the stand recently to testify to Ramrattan's lack of remorse, and face her attacker: "I think Mr. Ramrattan would stop at nothing even if it meant my life...You're evil and you're a sociopath and you need help. Maybe I'm going through this for a reason, that reason being that someone needs to put a stop to you and your madness."