There are some pretty terrible ex-boyfriends, and then there is Jerry Ramrattan; while some bitter exes might be satisfied with talking trash or Facebook stalking, Ramrattan took the whole thing to Machiavellian levels of evil according to his ex, Seemona Sumasar. Prosecutors believe that he carried out a devious plan to intimidate and frame her for armed robbery, which resulted in Sumasar losing her business and spending seven months in jail.

The whole mishmosh started in September 2009, after the couple had already broken up, and Sumasar had filed sex attack charges against Ramrattan. Desperate to make the charges go away, he allegedly hired two men to say they'd been pulled over in remote locations of Nassau County by Sumasar posing as a cop in a bulletproof vest, who then robbed them at gunpoint. Sumasar had an alibi at the time of one of the alleged robberies—there was surveillance video of her at the casino at Mohegan Sun. But police didn't look into it: "They acted like I'm just trying to blame somebody else for something I did. They did not want to look at it at all," Sumasar told reporters. In addition, because Ramrattan knew her intimately, he was able to give the two thugs plenty of incriminating details to use in their statements.

This past May, she was arrested and held on $1 million bail. Sumasar, a former Morgan Stanley analyst, spent seven months in jail trying to find someone to listen to her; in the meantime, the Richmond Hill bakeshop she started went under, her home is now threatened with foreclosure, and she was separated from her 12-year-old daughter. Then last week, an informant came forward and ratted out Ramrattan and his two cronies, phone records linked them all together, and the two thugs gave full confessions.

Yesterday, Ramrattan, pleaded not guilty to perjury charges in the robberies case and to rape charges filed by Queens prosecutors. Sumasar is convinced that Ramrattan just wanted to avoid the rape charges, which had been headed to trial when prosecutors charged her with the robberies. "I was 100% sure that the reason I was sitting there was to keep me from testifying...Everybody looked at me as a drama queen, like I'm giving them a Lifetime movie story."