The Queens District Attorney's office announced that Jimmy Humphrey, 23, was charged with arson and assault for the Springfield Gardens apartment fire that left a pregnant 25-year-old woman and her 2-year-old son dead. Humphrey apparently was the father of the Linda Anderson's unborn child. Queens DA Richard Brown said, "The senseless death of this young woman and her infant child cries out for justice.”

Firefighters responded to an anonymous 911 call notifying them to a fire at Anderson's second-floor apartment at 4:30 on Tuesday morning. They found the mother's and child's burned bodies; little Ayden Hayes was still alive but died at the hospital. According to the criminal complaint, Humphrey admitted under questioning "that he was in the apartment with Ms. Anderson and her son just prior to the fire and that he had grabbed Ms. Anderson by the throat and shoved her, causing her to fall. Humphrey allegedly additionally admitted that as she fell so did a bottle of nail polish remover and a candle, which set Ms. Anderson on fire."

Further, Humphrey allegedly confessed that "he then ran from the apartment, leaving behind Ms. Anderson with her body on fire and her son asleep in a bedroom Finally, Humphrey allegedly admitted that he went home and laid down for a period of time before walking to a phone to call 911 to report the fire."

Humphrey could face up to 25 years in prison if convicted.