2006_05_subwayfeet.jpgGothamist is filing this story in the "Subway," "Crazy," and "We Can't Believe It" files: A 23 year old Brooklyn man was arrested for kissing and licking the feet of female subway riders. The Daily News calls Joseph Weird "the Licking Lothario" and says that he was caught last night when a woman rebuffed his advances on an E train Thursday. And then the police connected him to other cases where women were approached by a man "slobbering" over their feet; eight women positively ID'd him in lineups. More of the details:

"He would grab women by their ankles, then kiss and lick their feet. A real sicko," a police source said.

Sometimes he would take off with his victims' shoes, police said.

Assistant Manhattan District Attorney Rachana Pathak said Weir would corner a woman alone on the subway at night and bow to her while asking, "Can I date you? Can I be your slave?"

He would then grab his victim's ankles, and pull the woman off her feet, the prosecutor said. In one case, he fondled a woman's thigh and genitals. Another woman was victimized twice in nine months.

Weir's lawyer says he's an "intelligent, pleasant, but confused young man who doesn't cause any real harm." Uh, what about the mental harm - that is some nutty stuff. Feet can get so dirty, especially during sandal season, too. This story was a Daily News exclusive, or else we'd have seen a Post headline like "WEIRd Subway Perv!" But there is tomorrow.

Less unsanitary but as disgusting: A teenager tried to kidnap a little girl in Queens, but ended up leaving - and licking her face.

Photograph from Susan NYC on Flickr