2006_1_laistfony1.jpgOkay-- we really though the Sony Fony graffiti story had run its course. Surely, we thought, Sony couldn't do anything more silly than employing fake graffiti to advertise its PlayStationPortable. Sadly, we were wrong. LAist is reporting that Sony is now advertising on human skin, by co-opting those little stamps they use at clubs:

The next time you go to a bar or venue that stamps your hand to get in, check that stamp out. We hit The Mint last night, checking out up and coming Holly Conlan and the passionate songwriter David Kidd, to only notice that the stamp on our hand was Sony PSP!!!

Nothing classier than getting branded with some marketing company's artwork! This is definitely worse than the graffiti. At least there they were only messing with our neighborhood walls. Now they are using your skin as their advertising substrate. Disgusting, Sony-- just really, really gross.