The little children out there may have trouble remembering it, but the Knicks were once good. In fact, they even played in the NBA Finals in 1994. Patrick Ewing did all he could, but when John Starks went 2-for-18 in Game 7, he helped keep Ewing on the Dan Marino list of greatest sports stars to never win a ring.

Now Ewing is headed to the Hall of Fame. He and six others found out at an announcement in San Antonio, sight of the Final Four and Monday's national championship game. Hakeem Olajuwon, the Rockets center who helped defeat Ewing's Knicks in 1994, will be sharing the stage in Springfield, Mass. So will Pat Riley, who coached the Knicks during that 1994 run but did his best work with the Lakers in the 1980s.

For Ewing, a day that should be celebrating his career will instead force him to remember his team's greatest failure. The Knicks' other run to the NBA Finals, in 1999, came when Ewing was out with an Achilles tendon injury and helped create the now-famous Ewing Theory. The Knicks center has nothing to be ashamed of, however. He carried Georgetown to the 1984 national title and, without him, the Knicks couldn't have dreamed of the success they can only dream of now.