2006_03_comforter.jpgThe NYPD's test results on various pieces of evidence in the Imette St. Guillen murder case are starting to emerge - DNA evidence is inconclusive at this point but carpet fibers found in suspect Darryl Littlejohn's home match fibers found on packing tape used to bind St. Guillen. Littlejohn, who was a bouncer at The Falls, the bar St. Guillen was last seen on February 25, still has not been charged in connection to the murder and is being transported to a parole violation hearing today in Kew Gardens. The police are looking at three rapes that happened in Queens and Long Island last fall to see if Littlejohn could be connected to them as the attacker used a blue van and tied up one victim with tape and wire.

AM New York offers some details about what witnesses believe St. Guillen said while at the Falls, suggesting that she got into an argument with Littlejohn with racial undertones. One of St. Guillen's friends is asking for Imette's Law, which would require bars to put videocameras outside their doors. The Post looks at the history of The Fall's co-owners, the Dorrians, and the Daily News thinks The Falls should close, if only because Danny Dorrian seems to have deliberately stalled (perhaps lied?) to police about what happened that night. Who knows what has or has not been said, but the mere idea of witnesses lying or not coming forward is disgusting - whether it's this case or a shooting of an unknown in a higher crime area or it's the bodyguard of a rapper during a video shoot. [Related: Infamous New York Real Estate has an interesting chronology of 218 Lafayette Street]