Bloomberg might be saying the CityTime scandal just "slipped through the cracks," but a 2003 letter from the then director of the city's Office of Payroll Administration certainly makes it sound like there was warning that something was going on.

Richard Valcich, who was replaced in 2004 by the now-suspended Joel Bondy, specificaly talks about the obvious waste and mismanagement at SAIC, the company in charge of the project. He said the company's "commitment to quality is almost non-existent and is reflected from the top down," and added that the city had spent "approximately $35 million on CityTime and does not have a tangible system to show for it." And that's just the start.

A spokesman for SAIC acknowledges the 2003 letter, but claims they cleaned up their act afterwards and hey! Look over here! This weekend 100,000 additional city employees will be on CityTime!

Meanwhile when a spokesman for the mayor was asked about the letter he responded that hizzoner was reviewing it