There might soon be hundreds of little Ari Nagels across the country—the CUNY professor who famously sired 22 babies thanks to his proclivity toward making sperm donations is in crazy demand, now that news of his prolific seed has spread far and wide.

The Post, which initially reported on the Sperminator, says the Brooklynite's been besieged with over 100 Facebook messages from women nationwide who want some of his sperm. Nagel's popular with the would-be mamas for a few reasons, not the least of which is that he offers his semen for free—it can cost several thousands of dollars to go through a sperm bank—plus, according to one women, "He’s handsome, he’s a genius. I’d be proud to have my child say Ari is his father."

Nagel, who donates either by masturbating in public bathrooms ("It’s better when it’s fresh," he told the Post) or by having sex with his donees, says he loves "seeing how happy the moms and kids are," even though he's been nearly bankrupted by requests for child support from some of the sperm recipients. He told the Post he hasn't denied any of his Facebook fans yet, but it's unclear how many will actually get some of his baby gravy. "I cut and paste ‘I’ll do my best. I’ll help you any way I can."

No word on how Nagel's wife feels about his even more-increased popularity.