Hundreds of thousands of revelers enjoyed the beautiful weather and celebrated during yesterday's Puerto Rican Day Parade. And this year's theme was, "Boricuas...We count, We Vote!" Though Marc Anthony was the Grand Marshal, the real attraction was his wife, Jennifer Lopez. Mayor Bloomberg, who marched with the couple, said, "In the pictures tomorrow, I will be lucky if I am noticed at all." Anthony and Lopez ultimately needed the help of Guardian Angels to keep the paparazzi off them and keep moving along the parade route. And the couple was also there to promote their upcoming film, El Cantante, but the El Cantante float broke down towards the end of the route.

The Puerto Rican Day Parade is also one of the biggest days for area politicians: Senators Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton were on hand, as well as Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion and a smattering of wannabe politicians - Andrew Cuomo, John Faso, Mark Green, Jeanine Pirro, Eliot Spitzer and Tom Suozzi. The parade was pretty incident-free (the Post reports that 60 people were arrested for disorderly conduct, which doesn't sound like that many considering how many attended), but there was that spat with the Latino Officers Associations refusing the march behind the Latin Kings.


Some great photographs are Flickr, photos tagged "puerto rican day parade". And one last note: Mayor Bloomberg also proclaimed, "By order of the mayor, everybody's a Boricua."

Top photograph by Hiroko Masuike/AP; bottom photographer from Adam Pantozzi via Flickr