Punching bag, Larry Silverstein be thy name. Anti-Silverstein sentiment has been bubbling for a while, but with the Port Authority's latest proposal to the World Trade Center leaseholder, people are getting antsy for something definitive to happen. For instance, Mayor Bloomberg, who says that negotiations are way past over and he rather have a hole at Ground Zero and fight it out in court than what's currently happening. But some people blame both Governor Pataki and Bloomberg (like Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver!) for the holdup, though, from our recollections, it was always Pataki who was supposed to have "more" control. The blame game is a great way to pass the time, but, really, everyone just wants something built. It'll be five years since September 11 in four and a half months and all it feels like we've got are revised revisions of buildings that may never get built.

The Daily News asked Silverstein to "get lost" in an editorial (the NY Times' editorial urging Silverstein to just take a deal and move on is more reserved), but does has a feature about him that tries to humanize him - it recounts how he was nursing a broken pelvis (drunk driver hit him on East 57th Street) when he was working on his $3.2 billion bid for the WTC. And Senator Charles Schumer wants the search for human remains at Ground Zero to be handled by an "elite military unit", which would probably hold up the demolition of Deutsche Bank.