Starting next year—i.e., tomorrow—every single subway station will be equipped with public Wi-Fi.

In late August, 175 of the city's 278 underground subway stations had Wi-Fi, and most Wi-Fi-equipped stations were in Manhattan. Now, no matter where you are, you can use the MTA's Transit Wireless W-iFi™ to tell your friends the F train hasn't come in over 20 minutes, won't be coming any time soon, and you're so sorry, you might need to take a raincheck on dinner. This is it—the future is now.

You might start to notice Wi-Fi popping up at your station even before the ball drops tonight—the MTA is "on track to deliver Wi-Fi service in every station by the end of the year," MTA spokesperson Amanda Kwan told DNAinfo. You can check whether your station has Wi-Fi on the Transit Wireless website.

However, not all Wi-Fi is created equal: some stations, like the 103rd Street and 28th Street stops on the 1 and the 110th Street station on the 2/3 line have the best connection in the city. If you're waiting for the train at Prince Street, though, it might take you longer to connect than it will for the train to come.

According to the Transit Wireless site, many stations will now have underground cell phone service as well (some, including many along the 1/2/3 line, already do). Not everyone is pleased with that:

We implore you to use the free Wi-Fi for good (emailing people, downloading podcasts, any other silent activity you're into) and not evil (FaceTiming your dog/cat/mom/whoever, watching porn).

And don't forget: nothing in this world is free. Stay woke.