Bed-Stuy is the new Bushwick is the new East Williamsburg is the new Williamsburg is the new East Village is the new SoHo is the new West Village is the new [INSERT ONCE-HIP NEIGHBORHOOD NAME HERE]. And now even unknown brothers of very tall Hollywood stars can't afford to live there. Uma Thurman's brother is one such unfortunate kin—Bed-Stuy's too rich for his blood, so, while his sister's off getting foot rubs from Quentin Tarantino, he's putting down roots in East Flatbush. WILL NO ONE THINK OF THE CELEBRITY SIBLINGS?

The Post reports that Mipam Thurman, the youngest of The Bride's three brothers, attempted to purchase a home in Bed-Stuy for a few years. But alas, as one real estate agent noted last week, the neighborhood's "iron is hot" now, and Thurman didn't strike fast enough. "Unfortunately, I was outbid and lost a lot of deals,” Thurman told the tabloid. “By the time I figured it out, I had been priced out of what I wanted."

So, though Bed-Stuy's $1 million price tag would be but a mere pittance for David Mamet's daughter, Thurman was forced to contend with a $549,000 home in East Flatbush, described by the Post as the "Brooklyn hinterlands." Of course, with all this eastward "pioneering" going on these days, it's only a matter of time before Thurman's attending Community Board meetings with Monica Cruz, Johnny Drama and that Baldwin no one remembers.