People, this is yooge: Donald Trump is being sued by a trifecta of real estate brokers over $1.3 million in unpaid brokers' fees. The brokers, Barbara Corcoran, Carrie Chiang, and SusanCara-Madden, claim they were promised $4 million in total for helping broker the $1.8 billion dollar sale of some of his Trump Place/Riverside South buildings to Extell earlier this year, but that Trump has only paid $2.7 million. Clearly, these Corcoran brokers need some more money for their holiday shopping lists! Trump tells the AP, "The agreement is very clear. I only pay them when I get paid. We haven't gotten the money yet. For her to bring a lawsuit against me is insane." The brokers' lawyer says that Trump can't pay since he immediately reinvested money from the sale into other real estate, to avoid taxes. Well, that's the smart thing to do. We'd like to see Corcoran and Trump litigate this in a reality TV realm - perhaps the People's Court?

Curbed will have more juicy details, as Barbara Corcoran is to them what Jerry Orbach is to Gothamist. And tonight is the season finale of The Apprentice. It kills us that Randal seemed to be slacking last week.