accuwx_0704th.jpgThis week's weather looks like it will be a half-baked repeat of last week's weather. It won't be nearly as warm but the same general progression will take place. The combination of air mass size and speed of mid-latitude atmospheric circulation this time of year often yields a roughly weekly repeat of summer weather patterns.

Today will be sunny, dry –the dewpoint is in the 40s– and a little cool. High only 75. Tomorrow, as the center of the high pressure system moves closer to the city it will be a little warmer, high near 80, but still mostly sunny.

The humidity returns on Independence Day as high pressure system passes us by and winds shift to come out of the south. Showers, and perhaps natural fireworks in the form of a thunderstorm, are in store for Wednesday afternoon and evening. As of now Gothamist would recommend bringing an umbrella if you're going out to see the fireworks. Check back with us on Wednesday morning for an update.

Showers stick around for Thursday and Friday and high temperatures will be in the mid-80s. It's early but next weekend is looking to be another charmer. Sunny skies and highs in the lower-80s.

Stormy July 4th weather map from