Roger Stone, the notorious Republican strategist behind the "Brooks Brothers riot" during the 2000 presidential recount and possibly behind the threatening voicemail left on Eliot Spitzer's dad's answering machine, is Republican candidate Carl Paladino's gubernatorial grab. So Stone is no stranger to drama. But even he thinks that the antics are a bit out of control, what with insinuations of affairs and stalking. In an interview with NY1, Stone said, "Any discussion of extramarital affairs, divorces, girlfriends -- that’s not what voters want to hear. This state is in a death spiral."

He added, "I just think that they have gotten a little afield here and the campaign needs to dial back to Carl Paladino's very specific issue prescription for the state. That is what needs to be debated. It's fair to say that this is a detour and I think the voters and certainly people in the party and those who want change in New York want to get this debate back to issues." Is that why Paladino pulled back on his claims that Cuomo was having an affair?

Stone, who is advising Spitzer's former madam Kristin Davis in her gubernatorial bid, claims credit for bringing Spitzer down by tipping the feds to the Luv Gov's hooker habit and just generally despises Spitzer. He told NY magazine last week, "I will make sure. his CNN show gets canceled."