City public schools allow students at high-poverty schools to take advantage of online tutoring, which the Department of Education contracts out to a number of firms. But now it turns out that one of the firms may be off the list of tutoring firms because it used tutors in India.

The NYC DOE requires that all tutors have background checks if they have communications with students; Social Security numbers are required for the checks so the tutors in India never passed yet they still went ahead with tutoring. Socratic Learning's Rajan Sobhani said the tutors had been fingered printed by the FBI and had advanced degrees. Plus, he did not believe the requirement should apply to his tutors because they do not have 'physical contact with students.'"

Well, being half way around the world is pretty far, but if your client has very specific guidelines, can't you just find tutors who can pass the checks? The DOE has suspended Socratic's contract and will consider removing them from their contractor list. And interestingly enough, federal guidelines approve online tutoring without background checks.