Photograph by Daeman Di Stefano

The fast-moving blizzard that dumped chaotic amounts of snow onto the NYC region has also shut down or delayed mass transit. The Long Island Rail Road was shut down (guess these huge machines weren't enough against Mother Nature), Metro-North was pretty much completely suspended, and earlier this morning, NYC Transit Tweeted, "Folks, service is running but with delays, some segment suspensions. If you can, please stay home. We're working to clear snow"—there's snow on subway tracks, causing some lines not to run or suspensions on other ones, and buses are stuck! And the MTA's website has been "sluggish."


NJ Transit bus service was suspended, and its train service is disrupted. And the PATH says, "Due to inclement weather PATH train service is only operating from Grove Street to 33rd Street via Hoboken in both directions and Journal Square to World Trade Center in both directions."