Due to damage from Hurricane Sandy last year, the MTA has started extensive work to repair the R train's East River tunnel and the Greenpoint Tube (which carries the G train under Newtown Creek). It's bad enough that the R and G trains are going to be messy for the next year—Chairman Thomas Prendergast revealed yesterday that even more lines will need a lot of work to repair damage as well.

“Nine of the tubes were damaged pretty substantially,” he said at a breakfast of the Citizen Budget Commission. “We’re going after the two that were damaged the most. We know there’s problems in the other tubes, but we really can’t deal with those until we deal with these.” The next up on the list: the Cranberry Street Tunnel, which serves the A and C lines, and the Clark Street Tunnel, which serves the 2 and 3 lines.

After that, there's damage on the Joralemon Street and Rutgers tubes, which serve the 4, 5 and F trains, and on the Canarsie tube, which serves the L train. So Sandy will still be [euphemism for not-so-gently making love] with the city for years to come! On the plus side, at least scientists assure us that another freak hurricane will not hit the city in our lifetimes, nope no way.