Nowadays, when people see rodents at restaurants, they aren't necessarily calling 311 immediately - it seems the first call is to the local news station! A couple strolling by the Upper East Side Pinkberry at 82nd and 2nd Avenue called WABC 7 when they saw mice running around the store at 2:30AM yesterday. WABC 7 observed, "The mice seemed to prefer the counter area. It is just feet from the yogurt machine where the fresh-fruit toppings are kept." One Pinkberry customer, who had waited 20 minutes on line, told the Post, "As long as there's no rats in the ice cream, I'm OK." And, plus, mice are way cuter than rats.

Pinkberry issued the following statement to WABC 7: "Since our store is regularly inspected and sanitized, we're shocked and puzzled by this footage. We're investigating thoroughly and have already re-sanitized all of our New York stores." It's UES location has only been open for a few months; the only inspection we could find from December of last year notes only 2 violation points (14 points is average; over 28 and you may be closed) for some plumbing installation issues.

In February, the local news media got on the case of KFC-Taco Bell that had dozens of fat rats running around - and the location had just passed its restaurant inspection. The location was closed and the Health Department, after being raked over the coals, promised to crack down on restaurants, which has since led to complaints that the DOH is conducting a witch hunt.