Though David Letterman apologized for the tabloid media frenzy (related to a $2 million extortion attempt) that's now greeting his staffers on Monday night, he might need to apologize to his staffers' families too—the Post went to the New Hampshire assisted living facility to ask the 90-year-old grandmother of a Late Show staffer/alleged Letterman lover some questions! Stephanie Birkitt's grandmother Irene Boyle said that Letterman "and Stephanie have always had a good relationship. They joked and kidded around... They were just good friends... She worked for Dave for 11 years. She said she never had sex with him."

Well, according to various sources, Birkitt did! The Daily News got the scoop about some "lust letters" Birkitt apparently wrote about her relationship with Letterman. One source said the steamy letters are "her musings about them. It's trash," but "We're not talking crazy sexual escapades." Another source said, "It's clear she's having a sexual relationship with Letterman." The extortion plot was apparently concocted by Birkitt's ex, Robert "Joe" Halderman, a 48 Hours news producer. The Post spoke to a source who explained, "This wasn't about money, not money alone. This was revenge. It was about making Letterman miserable...He wants to hurt Letterman as much as he can -- and he wanted to hurt the girl, too."

Birkitt's grandmother also weighed in about Halderman: "People make mistakes and that was one of hers. Joe was a mistake... I think she was stupid to go out with him."