2007_12_bagscreen.jpgAnother reassuring tale of airport security. At JFK Airport yesterday, an airport security screener was able to board a plane - without a ticket.

Apparently the man wanted to go the United Arab Emirates to see off his parents, so somehow he managed to board an Etihad Airways flights without a ticket or boarding pass. And, according to the AP, "when the plane's doors shut, [he] told a flight attendant what he had done." We suppose a crisis of conscience can strike you at any time.

The man was arrested by the Port Authority police and charged with a misdemeanor of criminal trespass. He is a baggage screener for the Transportation Security Administration (but for how much longer is anyone's guess).

In October, a passenger managed to sneak past security at JFK to board a flight - he had a connection in NYC but had a nic attack and left the building to smoke - which caused two terminals to be evacuated. And a monkey under a man's hat was spotted on a flight to Laguardia.