The Post has button fever as it notices Bloomberg for President pins on eBay already! (Their headline is "Bloomy Looks Cute As a Button" - is that an underhanded way of saying he's short?) Some of the offerings include the stylized portrait and a straight up photograph. And there's always the classic all-type "I Like Mike" style. We expect anti-Bloomberg pins to go up this week - you know, the ones that mention how he's a New Yorker, divorced, Jewish, an advocate of gun control, supporter of a right to choose and immigration, etc.

And Law & Order's new District Attorney, Sam Waterston, (a promotion from years and years as Executive DA) was on CBS's Face the Nation to discuss Unity08, the independent political movement. Waterston mentioned that Unity08 will have an online convention and said, "[Bloomberg] is one of the names that has been talked about in regard to Unity08... The thing is that the people, in an online convention, will decide who the candidate is going to be. Certainly Bloomberg is a very likely one." Check out the whole Face the Nation segment, which also has video, here.